Doopfotograaf Limburg

Doopfotograaf Limburg

Baptism photographer Limburg, a piece of general information

As a photographer I can get you a unique memory of each individual life event. One is the baptism of your baby.

A beautiful ritual to allow professional photographers to photograph for an afterwards souvenir,
with particular actions and emotions that I can capture in a unique way for you in the form of timeless journalistic photography.

A baptism report can be booked throughout Limburg as well as booked in Belgium, the price is negotiated as a baptism often takes place on Sunday.

Overall I photograph inside the church and then the drinks. I  make some pictures of the baby and of the family.
This generally takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete.

You can choose to buy the digital files of the report, that you get in a nice gift box. But you can also choose a nice christening album.

Check out the blog of a baptismal reportage that I did record last year in the hills of Limburg.