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Fotoshoot kinderen spontaan

Get a spontaneous photo shoot of your children in nature in Limburg, or just at home

Do you want beautiful professional photos of your children, just in the forest or at home in peace? I make spontaneous lifestyle photo shoots of children at home in the nursery and in the outdoors, using natural light.


What is the best time to make a photoshoot of your child?

The best time of day for children's photography

In winter it is best in terms of light between 10:00 to 14:00 hours. In the summer a photo shoot of your children can take place throughout the day, provided it is not too hot. The best times are in the morning between 9:00 to 11:00 am and in the evening between 18:00 to 20:00 when there is a beautiful sunset.

Plan the photo shoot of your child at a time when he or she is fit. Do not force during the photo shoot. Do not ask to look into the camera and say "cheese", but simply let your child play or pick flowers.

Clothing Tips during a photo shoot of children

Clothing Tips during a photo shoot of children
Provide matching clothes for you and your children (ton-sur-ton and soft colors are the most beautiful) wear preferably plain clothes with no busy patterns and certainly not black.

Make sure that you yourself also looks great so there can be taken a few pictures together, possibly with dad there.

Children's Photography with sibling

It is very nice to take some pictures playing together, but keep in mind that the beautiful photograph of each child individually also takes time and should be done in peace. For large age differences may be that the older child impatient when the little brother or sister insufficient "cooperate".
Two years is a difficult age for making a photo shoot. Keep this in mind when planning them.

What is a suitable place for a child's photo shoot?

Forest, heath, or a place along or on the water is nice for pictures. Also an old town with beautiful colored stairs and wooden doors can be beautiful. A field of dandelions or an old orchard can also be beautiful. Consider the flowering of nature when choosing a photo spot. Additionally you can style your photo shoot with a hammock, rocking horse, or a rope swing. Not suitable for a photo shoot is, for example a playground or a small backyard fences.

What does a professional photo shoot of your child costs?

The making of the photo shoot of your children takes approximately 1 hour costs 110 euro, including travel time within a radius of 15 km from Brunssum and postprocessing of images (approximately 1 hour) work.

Then you have the choice:

-          An online folder where you can order prints
-          You can make a linen album or a zigzag album with photos of your choice
-          You can buy 25 digital files of your choice, this cost 150 euros.
           You also get a list of good print suppliers.

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