Dog photograper Maastricht

Dieren: hondenfotograaf en paardenfotografie

A nice report of your dog or horse in the beautiful nature of Limburg

Do you want beautiful professional photos with your horse, cat or dog, wonderfully spontaneous in nature? I take care of horse and dog photography in the forest, using natural light.

What is the best time for a photo shoot with your horse or dog?

What is the best time for a photo shoot with your horse or dog?

Horse photography you plan the best in the spring or summer, because the skin will be more beautifully. It's the best way to picture a horse in familiar surroundings. Choose an environment with trees and a beautiful meadow. Make sure that no farm implements, hay bales in foil or less photogenic business in the area where you want to make pictures.

Do you also make pictures while I ride my horse?

A report takes an hour and during that time you can make a combination of driving and class photos.

What preparations should I take in a photo shoot with my horse?

Wash your horse, polish the rig and ensure assistance in making the pictures.

What can I wear it best during a photo shoot with my horse?

Tone-sur-ton is beautiful. Choose colors that match with the rig, the coat and the apron of your horse. Riding gear is not needed, even a pair of jeans can be beautiful.

Dog photoshoots can take place through the year, both in nature or in a studio, with a background color of your choice. 

Cat photoshoot can be taken the best in your own house, or when your cat doesn't let you in my studio.

What are the costs of a photo shoot with my horse, dog or cat?

Go to the price list.

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