Pregnancy photoshoot

Fotoshoot zwangerschap in de studio of in de natuur in Limburg

Get a nice photoshoot of your pregnancy, in nature or simply at home

Do you want beautiful professional photos as a reminder of your pregnancy, just at home in peace? I make photo shoots of pregnancies in nature or at home.


What is the best time to make a photoshoot of your pregnancy?

The ideal time for pregnancy photography is around the 34th - 35th week when your pregnant belly is perfectly round. It's nice to make both photos of the bare belly and a belly covered, for example with beautiful maternity dress, or covered with a scarf or cloth.

It's also nice to already bring baby accessories to use during pregnancy reportage.

The best location for a pregnancy report

The choice of location is personal. Some customers choose for nature, others at home. 

Want to see pictures of your bare abdomen or just a scarf, take it to swap with outfits.

Personally I like spontaneous, romantic pictures in nature. That may all year, in winter it is in terms of light is best between 10:00 to 15:00 hours.

In the summer in the morning and after 17:00, a sunset is beautiful for photos.

What clothes do you wear during a photo shoot of your pregnancy

You can take different outfits, tighter tops, which focus on your belly are very beautiful. Preferably go for soft colors, not black. Tone-on-tone is very nice. Even colors that belong to the sex of the baby can be beautiful.

A large scarf or beautiful lingerie can also be very beautiful.

Make the photo shoot together with your dad and siblings 

Of course it's also nice to involve the rest of the family at the photo shoot of your pregnancy. Concern in this case, for matching clothing, in a maximum of 3 different colors, preferably without motifs.

Animals, for example, the dog or maybe even your horse (if you have one) are also very nice to be involved in the photo shoot.