communiefotografie Limburg

Holy Communion photography in Holland


Spontaneous communion photography in the beautiful nature of Limburg and Belgium

Want beautiful professional photos of your communicant, wonderful spontaneous in nature? I make communion reports in the forest, using natural light.

What is the best time for communion photography in nature?

Starting in February it could already be beautiful weather and nature comes again slowly blossoming, but of course you can also wait until May.

The best time is in the morning or just before sunset. If you like to time your album communion, communion invitations and thank you at home, then book your report at least one month before the date communion.

Will the communion dress be dirty afterwards?

I'm basically work spontaneously, but will thereby be careful. I always have something in me where your son or daughter can sit on so that the communion dress is not dirty. Fun for your child first, so there is not dignified posed.

Communion Photography with sibling

It is certainly possible to also take along some pictures together, even with the entire family or even his or her favorite pet.

What is fun to take?

A bouquet can be fun, or a garland for the hair, but also a bunch of balloons, a nice blanket, a hammock or swing can be very nice.

What are the costs of communion photography?

Go to the price list.

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