Photographer Limburg: Have family photos taken in the Ardennes


"Family Photographer in Limburg: Fun activity for a weekend getaway with family: a family photoshoot

Imagine going away for a weekend to the Ardennes with the whole family. Grandpa, grandma, children, and grandchildren together in a beautiful villa surrounded by a stunning garden and forest. What could be nicer than taking advantage of this opportunity and having a beautiful family portrait taken?

Surprising grandma and grandpa with a family photoshoot is always a nice gift. Especially during a weekend when everyone is in the right mood.

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of being a family photographer for a Limburg family vacationing together in Manhay, in the Belgian Ardennes.

The beautiful garden and house provided a lovely backdrop for a spontaneous family portrait. We started with a photo of grandma and grandpa with the grandchildren and then proceeded to take portraits of the individual families and the grandchildren.

After getting accustomed to each other, I took some walking photos on the driveway to the villa. Then, I had the grandchildren jump on the grass, a jumping photo of cheerful children is always a hit.

As a conclusion, we took a lying-down photo of the entire family side by side with a view of the forest. Afterwards, one family wanted to take a "stacking photo," the making of which was naturally the most hilarious.

After a photo session of over an hour, it was time for me to say goodbye and head back to the Netherlands."


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Marja Visser
Wij zijn op zoek naar een fotograaf die familiefoto's kan maken van onze familie (22 personen) in de Ardennen. Wat zijn de prijzen en zou het kunnen in de week van 18 t/m 22 oktober?

Hartelijke groet,
Marja Visser
Photographer Limburg: Have family photos taken in the Ardennes