Photoshoot with your horse in South Limburg: a fairytale horse photoshoot at sunset

What could be more delightful than receiving a photoshoot gift from your friend? A while ago, I received a call inquiring about gift vouchers for photoshoots. He wanted to gift them to his girlfriend so that she could have professional photos taken with her two horses....
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Kattenfotograaf Limburg: fotoshoot van een kitten aan huis in Kerkade
Dog Photographer Heerlen: Happy Labrador Retriever in the Forest

Recently, I received a request to photograph this adorable dog in the forest. The appointment was originally scheduled for mid-November, but I managed to convince the couple to move up the date for the dog photoshoot. The current autumn weather is truly ideal for taking photos. The trees are beautifully colored in yellow, brown, and red, and the ground is covered with autumn leaves in the most stunning colors – perfect for a photoshoot with a pet....
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Fotoshoot Labradoodle pup in het bos
Horse Photoshoot in Limburg: With your horse in the Rode Beek
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