Family photos in the Ardennes: Spontaneous family photos at a vacation home


Spontaneous family photoshoot in the Belgian Ardennes

As a photographer, I'm often on the go and visit the most charming places. Increasingly, I'm also booked in Belgium, mostly by Dutch families who come here for a week or weekend getaway to celebrate something special. It could be a 25th, 40th, or 50th wedding anniversary, or simply a cozy family weekend. Often, it's parents with their children and grandchildren, all taking a break together. Frequently, the children live scattered across the country, and this vacation is a unique opportunity for them all to be together with their partners and grandchildren.

Just like this lovely family. We had phone contact beforehand to schedule the family photoshoot and discuss their preferences. I also showed them my page where I provide tips on clothing for the photoshoot. Upon arrival, it was cloudy but mild weather. I initially took a wrong turn (Google Maps isn't always reliable in the Ardennes), but a phone call guided me to the right house, a typical Ardennes-style home.

After getting to know everyone, we started with the family portrait in the beautiful garden of the vacation home. A spacious garden with flower beds, a lovely typical stone wall, and a piece of grass. Perfect for sitting or letting the kids play. The garden sloped downhill and ended in a beautiful nature reserve.

This group photoshoot was an hour of pure fun. Time flew by, and after capturing all sorts of combinations, my task was complete, and I bid farewell to slowly drive back to Brunssum through the stunning landscape.


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Family photos in the Ardennes: Spontaneous family photos at a vacation home