Photographer Vaals: Spontaneous family photoshoot in the forest near the Three-Country Point


Family photoshoot in Limburg?

This family portrait was created as a gift from the children to the parents, in honor of their 40th wedding anniversary. What a delightful family this was! I had already spoken with the daughter-in-law who booked me, but when you meet each other 'live,' it's always different than on the phone, of course.

I drove through the beautiful hilly landscape, through the forest towards the parking lot of Restaurant De Wilhelminatoren, near the Three-Country Point in Vaals. I hadn't been here for a while, and when it comes to family photoshoots, I always enjoy variety in the surroundings. For example, I've done many family shoots on the Brunssummerheide lately, so it's refreshing to choose a different location that sparks new inspiration.

Everyone was dressed in coordinated jeans and white tops. I chose this forest in Vaals because they were vacationing nearby. If I remember correctly, the in-laws were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, and this photoshoot was a gift from the children in honor of the occasion.

Everyone was excited, except the son who had just been bitten by a spider. Well, you should never tell me that, especially when we have to go back into the forest afterward. I'm terrified of spiders. He explained that it was a cucumber spider, a small (fortunately small!) green spider that had gotten him. We walked through the forest together, and thankfully, I quickly forgot the spider story.

I happily got to work taking photos and searching for beautiful spots with nice light. Among the trees, there was a beautiful low growth of ferns, which I used as both foreground and background for this family portrait.

The family album has been delivered, and we have received a selection of the most beautiful photos digitally."

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Photographer Vaals: Spontaneous family photoshoot in the forest near the Three-Country Point