Photoshoot with your horse in South Limburg: a fairytale horse photoshoot at sunset


Having a photoshoot with your horse in Limburg? I photographed these horses and their rider at sunset in Klimmen

What could be more delightful than receiving a photoshoot gift from your friend? A while ago, I received a call inquiring about gift vouchers for photoshoots. He wanted to gift them to his girlfriend so that she could have professional photos taken with her two horses.

A few months later, I received a message from her. She had received the gift voucher and wanted to schedule a photoshoot with her two horses – a gray one and a chestnut one. Both beautiful animals. We planned the photo session with the horses so that we could capture beautiful images at sunset.

The horses were stabled in Klimmen at the Hubertushoeve, and the drive through the fields to get there was already stunning. A beautiful Limburg landscape. Everything was wonderfully green, it was a warm, sunny summer evening, and a gorgeous sunset was expected.

After a brief introduction with the rider, a helpful friend, and the two horses, we ventured into the meadows. Initially, I took some backlit photos at sunset with her holding each horse individually, then the horses together, and finally, the horses alone and together peacefully grazing in the pasture.

Next, we walked with the horses to a picnic spot. There were beautiful trees, and the sun illuminated them here and there like spotlights, creating fairytale-like images. Following that, I captured her enjoying the view over the Limburg landscape with the horses and concluded with a photo of both horses walking along a field path.

From this photoshoot, I created a beautiful album with a copper-colored linen cover. The album has been delivered, prompting me to write this blog."

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Photoshoot with your horse in South Limburg: a fairytale horse photoshoot at sunset