Photographer Limburg: Pregnancy Photoshoot at Chateau Sint Gerlach in Valkenburg


Photographer Limburg: Pregnancy photoshoot at Chateau Sint Gerlach in Valkenburg

This couple received this pregnancy photoshoot as a gift from their aunt. She arranged everything with me and the chateau, even securing an indoor photo location in case of rain.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, I was present at the reception, where I met this lovely couple. Together, we strolled around, capturing beautiful pregnancy photos of them together and individual shots of her. For this, I chose my favorite spot in the rose garden, where you can witness a beautiful sunset.

From the rose garden, we walked towards the bridge and the orchard, where I photographed them walking and cuddling. We ended up on the terrace of the bistro, where I took some photos of them sitting on the terrace and amidst the beautiful boxwood hedge in the garden.

After about an hour, I drove back home with a memory card full of pregnancy portraits. Digital files, photo prints, and even an album can be ordered from this photoshoot. Often, couples combine a pregnancy photoshoot with a baby photoshoot, and I incorporate everything into a beautiful luxury pregnancy and baby album as a keepsake.

Included in this package is a simple mini-album, which I personally compile, as a memento. This little book is great to carry in your handbag so that you can quickly show everyone your photoshoot.

Chateau St. Gerlach is a beautiful location for photos. I come here frequently, capturing not only many family portraits but also photoshoots for marriage proposals, wedding anniversaries, and weddings.

Because the park is always green, it's suitable for creating beautiful photos in any season.


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Photographer Limburg: Pregnancy Photoshoot at Chateau Sint Gerlach in Valkenburg