Family Photos at Chateau Sint Gerlach in Valkenburg


Family Photographer Limburg: Special family photoshoot at Chateau Sint Gerlach


Recently, I had the pleasure of capturing a beautiful portrait of a family. Sacha, who booked the session, is someone I've known for a while. She previously booked a communion photo session for her daughter and later another photoshoot with me.

It was raining and completely gray as I drove towards Valkenburg for this family portrait. I was quite disappointed. The family had booked a night in Valkenburg, and we had chosen a beautiful location for a photo session, but luck was on our side.

We were allowed to take some photos indoors, coffee with cookies was ordered, and fortunately, the weather cleared up. When it was dry, we strolled through the beautiful park and towards the rose garden, where I took some photos of the family under the arches and in the gazebo.

I also photographed each family member separately, with the others in the background. Chateau Sint Gerlach is one of my favorite photo locations in South Limburg. It has everything: beautiful hotel rooms, a lobby with a comfortable sitting area, a stunning park, and a short walk leads you into the nature of Valkenburg. This location is ideal for photoshoots in all seasons and weather conditions. The large banquet hall has a beautiful canopy, allowing you to use the wooden structure as a photo background even in the rain.

After an hour of walking and photographing, we said our goodbyes. I have since edited all the photos and sent them to the family for their selection. My next task is designing a small photo album as a keepsake.

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Family Photos at Chateau Sint Gerlach in Valkenburg