Orgineel idee voor een huwelijksaanzoek ? Deze man deed een aanzoek op De Maan
Marriage Proposal Photographer in Maastricht: Enchanting Autumnal Magic

Last Saturday at 11:30 am, a enchanting marriage proposal unfolded at the beautiful Vaeshartelt Estate. Amidst the autumn hues and the Brazilian love of the couple, the day commenced with a relaxed photoshoot on a picturesque avenue. The retriever, full of enthusiasm, added a playful element to this unforgettable experience....
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Photographer Valkenburg: Romantic Loveshoot at the Geul near Castle Schaloen

In the picturesque setting of Valkenburg aan de Geul, adorned with autumn hues and steeped in romance, I recently had the pleasure of capturing a special loveshoot for a beautiful couple marking their first anniversary. A year of love, growth, and shared adventures deserved to be immortalized, and what better backdrop than the idyllic Valkenburg?...
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Loveshoot in Lebanon: Romantic coupleshoot at Le Telegraphe de belle vue in Bhamdoun Al Dayaa

Imagine this: You're watching an episode of "In Search of the Pomegranate", you go on a Tinder date with a half-Lebanese man, and suddenly it hits you: you want to vacation in Beirut. You hesitate for a moment, thinking about wars, traditional veiled people, and an underdeveloped country. Sitting at your computer, you wonder if you should press the green button - BOOK - on the Transavia website. But you just do it. I was single, wanting something different, and not wanting to convince others to join me, so in May 2019, I booked a week-long city trip to Beirut....
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Fotograaf Elsloo: ormantische loveshoot oftewel verlovingsreportage in de dorpskern
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