Photographer Heerlen: Spontaneous family photoshoot in the autumn forest


Family Photoshoot in Limburg? It works perfectly in the Games Forest of Brunssummerheide!

Many people often think that you can only do a photoshoot in the summer. That's why I like to show reports created in all seasons. This grandmother booked me for a photoshoot with her son, his wife, and the grandchild. Her other son also came by, so that the grandchildren could pose for a moment for grandma.

We had a short call beforehand to discuss her wishes, also to consider where we would take the photos and what would be worth bringing along. Two cute wooden children's chairs and a plush monkey came along. We met at the parking lot of the visitor center Schrieversheid on the Schaapkooiweg. From there, we walked to a wooded area where children often play and where a kind of wigwams made of branches has been built.

It was early November, dry, and quite mild. The autumn atmosphere was still clearly visible in the forest; the trees were almost bare, and the ground was covered with beautifully colored autumn leaves, especially from beech trees. First, we placed the two little ones together on a cute chair next to each other, which already resulted in very nice pictures.

Then I started working with other combinations, the families separately, grandma with the grandchildren, grandma with her son, and so I worked through a kind of wishlist of combinations. Since the children were quite small, it was sometimes a bit of a challenge, but in the end, we came to this nice spontaneous result and even managed to photograph the little ones playing in the autumn leaves.

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Photographer Heerlen: Spontaneous family photoshoot in the autumn forest