Commercial photographer at La Butte Aux Bois in Lanaken


Business Photoshoot at La Butte Bois in Lanaken in Belgian Limburg

As a commercial photographer, I recently received a request from Shape Accelerator. I had the opportunity to organize a photoshoot for this brand to promote their revolutionary slimming product.

For this special occasion, I chose the elegant La Butte aux Bois in Lanaken (Belgium) as the indoor photo location in consultation with the client. At La Butte Aux Bois, I photographed the female model, among other places, at the bar. The bar beautifully matched the blue evening dress and the packaging of the slimming product.

We then took some walking photos in the garden in the evening gown. Afterwards, I photographed the model at the edge of the pool in her swimsuit and finally in the fitness room.

La Butte aux Bois was truly the perfect photo location to showcase Shape Accelerator. The green surroundings and elegant architecture created an atmosphere of luxury and refinement that perfectly aligned with Shape Accelerator's mission to combine beauty and science.

The photoshoot included various outfits. In an enchanting blue evening gown, the model exuded confidence as I stylishly presented the benefits of Shape Accelerator. She then changed into a sporty outfit for a fitness session, where I emphasized the product's power to activate the body's natural fat-burning process.

But we didn't just want to show the glamour; we also wanted to demonstrate the versatility of Shape Accelerator. That's why she participated in a photoshoot in swimwear, showcasing the slim and confident look that the product can help achieve.

By presenting a variety of looks, we were able to create a dynamic and convincing image of what the product can offer to people striving for a confident, slimmer version of themselves.

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Commercial photographer at La Butte Aux Bois in Lanaken