Horse Photoshoot in Limburg: With your horse in the Rode Beek


Horse Photographer Limburg: Photoshoot with your horse on the Brunssummerheide

Last summer, I had the opportunity to capture this photoshoot with a horse and its caretaker on the Brunssummerheide. This horse photoshoot was a gift from her friend for her 50th birthday. We had a brief phone call beforehand to ensure everything would go smoothly. The idea was for her to come to the heath with a friend, both riding horses, so that her horse could have the support of the other horse and wouldn't need to be transported on a trailer. As planned, it happened.

We met at the Rode Beek, the weather was sunny, and the sun was slowly setting, creating a beautiful warm glow. Fortunately, it wasn't too crowded by the water that day, and I had all the space I needed to take photos.

Since the rider being photographed was quite courageous, she rode her horse into the water without a saddle, and afterwards, she was willing to lie on the back of her horse without a saddle on dry land. Sitting beside the horse on the ground was also no problem at all. All of this resulted in beautiful pictures.

Afterwards, we decided to head towards the sand plain to capture some beautiful galloping photos. However, things took a different turn than expected. The horse associated the sand plain with a full gallop race and took off. She fell off its back into the sand. It was a bit frightening, but thankfully, both the rider and the horse were fine, and we were able to continue the photoshoot at the bridge of the Rode Beek. She had brought a special outfit with a hat for this part.

After about an hour of photographing, we said our goodbyes. The photos have been delivered and processed into a beautiful linen photo album as a keepsake.


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Horse Photoshoot in Limburg: With your horse in the Rode Beek