Photographer Limburg: Spontaneous Kids Photoshoot with 4 Boys on the Sand Dunes of Brunssummerheide


Photographer in Limburg: Spontaneous photoshoot with adventurous boys on the sand dunes of Brunssummerheide

These wonderful people have become loyal clients! I've had the privilege of capturing three weddings and two family portraits for them, and recently, they reached out again asking if I'd be interested in photographing their grandsons in nature. Of course, I couldn't say no. We agreed to meet at the parking lot of Brunssummerheide near the Rode Beek.

Prior to the shoot, we had a brief phone call, and they mentioned bringing a charming hammock and some toys for the boys. The plan was to capture as many spontaneous moments as possible – climbing trees, playing with toys, and lounging in the hammock. And it worked out wonderfully. But, with such a delightful and enthusiastic grandpa and grandma, who were incredibly spontaneous and involved, what else could you expect?

We began by photographing the two youngest brothers in the hammock, hanging in an old dead tree by the Rode Beek. We suspended the hammock in the tree, and the boys hopped in. First individually and then together. Next, we moved to the hills with trees behind the Rode Beek, where they climbed trees, and they all willingly sat on a branch together for a photo.

And on we went... to the sandy area, playing together with toys, holding hands in the air while jumping, and forming a kind of chain, testing who could pull the hardest until the chain broke. Of course, a photo with grandpa and grandma was a must in this spontaneous children's portrait, and we took it on the beautiful wooden bridge over the Rode Beek.

Afterward, we returned to the Rode Beek to splash around in the water. The droplets added a fantastic effect to the photos. Since we were done with the photoshoot, shoes came off, and clothes got wet. We had so much fun together, and it was delightful to hear how pleased they were with the results of this photoshoot.

Ik heb Sjurlie Fotografie benaderd om een fotoshoot te maken met mijn kleinkinderen. Weer een succes. Net als voorafgaande shorts laat Shirley haar professionaliteit zien. Rust, positiviteit, laagdrempelig naar de kleinkinderen toe. Prachtig! Hierdoor is iedereen ontspannen en is er ruimte voor de prachtigste, natuurlijkste foto's. Precies wat ik wilde. Geweldig! Dank je wel hiervoor.....weer!

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Photographer Limburg: Spontaneous Kids Photoshoot with 4 Boys on the Sand Dunes of Brunssummerheide