Dog Photographer Heerlen: Happy Labrador Retriever in the Forest


Dog Photographer Limburg: Photoshoot of a brown Labrador on the Brunssummerheide

Recently, I received a request to photograph this adorable dog in the forest. The appointment was originally scheduled for mid-November, but I managed to convince the couple to move up the date for the dog photoshoot. The current autumn weather is truly ideal for taking photos. The trees are beautifully colored in yellow, brown, and red, and the ground is covered with autumn leaves in the most stunning colors – perfect for a photoshoot with a pet.

We met at the Schrieversheide visitor center. I often notice that people who live relatively close by are not familiar with the Brunssumerheide. They are always pleasantly surprised by how beautiful this forest is. The heath is a beautiful backdrop for a photoshoot during every season. This is because you have a mix of sandy areas, heath, coniferous and deciduous trees, and the Rode Beek.

Since this couple booked a mini photoshoot with their dog, I stayed relatively close to the edge of the forest this time. They had been a bit concerned about whether the dog, still quite young, would listen, but it went perfectly. Even without a leash, he stayed obediently everywhere, sat down on command, and gave his paw.

The end result is this series of photos, both of this cute dog alone and together with his "owners." As always, I will process the favorite photos into a beautiful mini-album as a keepsake.

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Dog Photographer Heerlen: Happy Labrador Retriever in the Forest