25 Years Together: Special Family Portraits in the Heuvelland of Epen


Family Portrait in Epen: 25 Years Captured Together in the Heuvelland

Last November took me to the picturesque Epen, where I had the honor of photographing a beautiful family of four. It wasn't just a photoshoot; it was a celebration of love and dedication as the parents marked their 25th wedding anniversary. In the heart of Epen, surrounded by the rustic beauty of the landscape, a moment full of love and warmth unfolded before my lens.

Our journey began at the characteristic inn named "De Smidse," where the entire family had dressed in shades of brown with jeans for this special occasion. The coordinated color scheme not only brought unity to the portrait but also emphasized the warm and autumnal atmosphere of the season.

Some of the photos were taken in the courtyard of the iconic Volmolen, where the old doors and gates created a beautiful contrast, perfectly complementing the family's attire. The weathered textures and warm tones served as an enchanting backdrop, accentuating the timeless elegance of the family.

It's not surprising that Volmolen and De Smidse are beloved spots for tourists from the Netherlands who often book my services for photoshoots in the enchanting Heuvelland. These locations are not only picturesque but also steeped in history and charm, making them the perfect backdrop for capturing precious moments.

Thanks to the low-lying sun, I was able to capture beautiful backlight photos, gently framing the contours of the family, and the warm glow of the golden hour added an extra magical touch to the memories.

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25 Years Together: Special Family Portraits in the Heuvelland of Epen
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