Family Photographer Limburg: Spontaneous Group Photo's


Family photos in Limburg?

This family portrait was recently taken on the Brunssummerheide. Early February may not seem like the ideal time for family photos, but it is possible, especially when you choose the Brunssumerheide as the photo location.

This group portrait was booked with me quite some time ago. We planned it on a Saturday, just after lunch. It wasn't too crowded on the heath, the weather was pleasant and not too cold. Since nobody wanted to walk too far, I chose one of my favorite pine trees, just past the visitor center. It's a beautiful old tree with sprawling branches that hang over the ground, covered with pine cones and needles.

I started with a portrait of the entire family together, first more posed and then in a kind of group hug, everyone laughing together, which was also wonderfully warm, of course.

From the group portrait, we moved on to photos of the grandchildren, the own children, and some walking photos through the heath. First, all the ladies together, and then all the gentlemen together, with the youngest sitting on his father's shoulders.

Then we tried if the little one could be placed on the trunk of the tree, and it worked perfectly. She loved it, laughing and clapping her hands. A very easygoing and cheerful model, especially when dad also threw her into the air.


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Family Photographer Limburg: Spontaneous Group Photo's