Photoshoot of a marriage proposal at Chateau Neercanne in Maastricht


Wedding Photographer Maastricht at Chateau Neercanne: This Time, Not a Wedding, but a Marriage Proposal

For weeks, this man had been involved in the romantic preparations for his marriage proposal. We talked five times and changed the location several times. It started with the idea of proposing to his girlfriend on the sandy plain at Brunssummerheide, but this idea was skipped and replaced with a proposal at Mondo Verde in Landgraaf. Since Mondo Verde is quite large and, in addition to a photographer, a violinist would be present, making it difficult to coordinate, I suggested doing it on the terrace by the water at Castle de Hoogenweerth. However, there was a wedding here on that Friday.

Then the violinist suggested making the proposal at Chateau Neercanne in Maastricht. Since we wouldn't meet beforehand, everything had to be spontaneous and go well immediately. He had to capture the right moment right away. So, I sent him a sample picture of a bridal couple on the terrace at Neercanne overlooking the beautiful landscape.

The violinist and I would wait here, and he would come outside with his girlfriend to enjoy the view. The violinist would start playing, he would ask the question, and I would take the photos. And so it happened! A beautifully emotional moment and an ecstatic couple. Both very happy and moved. For five minutes, I hid behind a bar on the floor until I heard them coming out. A particularly beautiful and exciting moment.

After the proposal, they toasted with champagne, and we took some more photos together around Chateau Neercanne. Then I rushed home because I was involved in another plot: I had to edit 3 photos and send them to a photo shop in Heerlen, which he would pick up as a surprise and hand over to her during dinner at a restaurant in Heerlen.

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Photoshoot of a marriage proposal at Chateau Neercanne in Maastricht