Photoshoot Heerlen: Spontaneous Pregnancy Photoshoot in the Greenery at APG


Family Photographer Heerlen: Maternity Photoshoot in the Park at APG

I am always very honored when my photography clients remain loyal. From this lovely couple, I had the privilege of photographing their wedding in Maastricht on St. Patrick's Day a few years ago, then a maternity photoshoot on the Brunssummerheide, followed by a baby photoshoot at their home in Gronsveld. They have since moved to Heerlen and reached out to me again for a maternity photoshoot. I recently captured these images of the baby bump in the APG park in Heerlen at sunset.

A beautiful family, all dressed in white, in a lush green setting. It's always a lot of fun to photograph. The white hydrangeas complemented their white outfits beautifully, and despite their son being in a bit of a "No" phase, we managed to capture some very nice and spontaneous family photos. I especially enjoyed being in a new and inspiring location, as I hadn't been to this photoshoot location in Heerlen before.

I started the photoshoot with some shots and close-ups of the baby bump. Then, we continued with the family playing with their son, with his teddy bear and on his little bike. We had to be quite creative to get him to cooperate, but as a children's photographer, I always find that to be a fun challenge.

This week, I put the finishing touches on the maternity album. A 15x15 cm album featuring the 25 most beautiful photos from the maternity photoshoot, which they were able to choose themselves. We agreed that I could share this blog post as soon as the baby was born. Yesterday, I suddenly saw on Instagram that a little girl was born, and her name is Emma.

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Photoshoot Heerlen: Spontaneous Pregnancy Photoshoot in the Greenery at APG