Photographer South Limburg: Family portrait in the gardens of Castle Vaalsbroek


Photographer South Limburg: Spontaneous family photoshoot in the gardens of Castle Vaalsbroek

I had the pleasure of capturing this lovely family portrait in June. June is one of my favorite months of the year. It's almost summer, but the leaves on the trees are still beautifully soft green. Unlike July and August when the leaves turn darker green.

This beautiful spring green served as the backdrop for this cozy family portrait, which was a gift for grandma. The castle garden of Castle Vaalsbroek is always a beautiful location for a photoshoot. The many old trees, the bridges, the tree trunk benches, and the shrubs provide a varied photo background.

The photoshoot was a gift for grandma. She was the center of attention during the photoshoot. In addition to various group portraits of the whole family, grandma posed with her children and grandchildren. During a family photoshoot, people can always let me know in which compositions they would like to be photographed. I usually start with a portrait of the whole family together, and if we still have time left (I usually allocate an hour for it), I create some variations on that.

The children also posed together, but also with their partners. I varied the light and also took photos of beautiful vistas through the rhododendrons. I love beautiful vistas that provide a nice frame for the subject, but also beautiful backlight through the leaves.

The photos were delivered, and based on the family's selection, I put together a beautiful 15x15 cm linen album with the best photos from this family shoot.

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Photographer South Limburg: Family portrait in the gardens of Castle Vaalsbroek