Photographer Geleen: Family photo shoot with 3 cheerful children in the Danikerbos


Family portrait session in Geleen? I recently had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful family in the Danikerbos

Last Saturday, I had three family photoshoots on my schedule. While it may not seem like much compared to a 12-hour wedding, three family portrait sessions feel just as intensive for me. Perhaps it's because you're tuning into a completely new group of people each time. You have to feel what suits this particular group, go on a journey with them, and then let your creativity flow. It works better with some groups than with others.

I had arranged to meet these people at half past one in the parking lot of Manege ten Eijsden. That's where we would come together before heading towards the beautiful clearing in the forest. It's one of my favorite photography spots because I adore old trees, and there are beautiful old beech trees in this location. There's a thick fallen beech with its gigantic root system above the ground. It's enjoyable to have a group sit on it.

Additionally, there are two other beautiful beech trees on the hillside. As they stand next to each other on the hillside, you can see their beautiful roots and how they intertwine. I've learned that this is also called a "tree couple," and they nourish each other through their roots.

But now, back to the photoshoot. The family from Buchten approached me – a mother with her three adorable sons. Grandpa and grandma were also present. There was an immediately positive atmosphere. Everyone was excited, including the boys aged 4 and 3. They were cheerful, running around, and enjoyed posing. One of them stood beside me to make grandpa and grandma laugh when I was trying to take a photo. What cheerful, photogenic boys they were. It was a joy to work with them.


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Photographer Geleen: Family photo shoot with 3 cheerful children in the Danikerbos