Photographer at La Butte Aux Bois in Lanaken: Family Portrait and Family Dinner


Family photoshoot at La Butte Aux Bois in Lanaken?

Last Saturday evening, around six o'clock, I had an appointment with a family for a series of group photos and to capture the atmosphere of their dinner.

As I walked towards the entrance, the letters LOVE adorned the outside of the reception. Once inside, the entire family was enjoying drinks. I was booked by the granddaughter because grandma was turning 80, and it was going to be a grand celebration. As I joined the group, she received a beautiful gift in the form of a necklace.

After a pleasant glass of prosecco, we walked together to the beautiful hall behind the restaurant. It was dark, drizzling a bit, and we had agreed that I would take some group photos here. Of the whole group together, as well as separate shots of families and couples. I did this partly on the beautiful wooden staircase and then also outside under the covered area.

I was booked for an hour, and time passed quickly. Soon it was time to head to the beautiful hall, where a large table was set for dinner, adorned with flowers, and the fireplace was lit. It looked stunning, as always. Everyone slowly gathered, glasses were filled, and it was time for a toast, given by her husband.

Afterward, I captured some atmospheric shots of everyone chatting at the table. By a quarter past seven, my task as a photographer was already complete. I was given a glass of prosecco and drove home in a particularly cheerful mood.

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Photographer at La Butte Aux Bois in Lanaken: Family Portrait and Family Dinner