Event Photographer Limburg: Winter Wonderland in a Beautiful Garden in Echt

Welcome to my photographic journey through the enchanting winter wonderland in a garden in Echt, where I not only documented a corporate party around the Christmas season but also captured the tasteful moments in catering and food photography, party photography, and enchanting Shetland pony shows. Amidst it all, I'd like to share a particular highlight with you....
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Culinary Photographer at Frymerson Estate: Featuring a Special Limburgish Dish by René van Brienen

Step into the world of culinary magic at the castle, where Livar pork, Peruvian asparagus, and a crispy fried egg shine, framed by the beautiful castle door and refined dining room. As a photographer, I bring not only these culinary delights to life but also the harmony with selected wines from Laurent Smedts, a renowned wine supplier....
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Event Photographer Limburg: 2nd Edition Friday Afterwork at Wine Bar Vicini in Geleen

Last Friday night, Wine Bar Vicini in Geleen once again transformed into an enchanting winter landscape during the second successful afterwork party. As a photographer, I had the pleasure of capturing this atmospheric evening, where coziness, delightful wines, live music, and winter charm converged....
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Photographer Bunde: Website Photography commissioned by OBS de Bundeling

I am not a school photographer, but I occasionally take photos at schools. It's not about posed portraits of the students, but about capturing the atmosphere of children in class or while they are reading or studying....
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Event fotografie Limburg: netwerkdiner Kvinner bij buitengoed Frymerson in Sint Odilienberg
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